Sunday, December 26, 2010

Landon turns 5 years old...

My sweet, first born Landon turned 5 on December 21st. I can't believe he is five! For his birthday he wanted to have it at the movies. His party was on Sunday. We had cupcakes and opened presents in the party room and then went to see Yogi Bear in 3d. It was really fun and I think the kids had a great time. On  Monday Dec.20th was his school Christmas program and Landon had a speaking part. He did so good and we are very proud of him. On Tuesday, his real birthday, we went to pump it up. It was fun but so crowded! Then we met Mimmie and Uncle B for lunch. Landon picked mexican! After lunch it was nap time! For his birthday dinner he picked cheese pizza from Pietro. YUM:) We had family movie night and Uncle B joined us and brought candy! I hope it was a great time for Landon. I have really tried to keep his birthday separate from Christmas. Here is a picture of him on the day he turned five!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

First Post!!

Ok, so I am gonna start a blog for several reasons:

1) I wanna be like all the cool kids:)
2) I want to document all my craft/sewing projects
3) I want to get better at photography
 and the most important reason
4) my kids are growing way too fast and its obvious I am not writing anything down in a baby book, so I've got to do something!!