Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fall Photo checklist

Earlier in the fall, I found this blog and her fall photo checklist.  I didn't get even close to finishing the list but it was fun to try to get some of the photos marked off. It was good for practice because my kids don't always want to participate. 

There is also a list of holiday pictures!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a great Thanksgiving break! I was amazed at how quickly we settled into our no school routine! Lots of sleeping late and playing around the house!

So very thankful for these kids!

Thanksgiving was at our house this year. It was nice to have all the family over and not have to go anywhere.

The weather was great so we played outside a lot. 
We were planning on going to the river for the rest of the break but decided since the house was all clean to stay home and relax. It was great!

Also, glad that we got to spend some time with this little cutie and his Mom and Dad!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Field Trip Day!

For Landon's first field trip in first grade we went to Lichterman Nature Center. I was really fun and educational.

We learned about plants and animals that are native to our area.

There were lots of animals to see and pet.

Landon was very impressed!

After the trip, we went and ate lunch at five guys with several of Landon's friends. It was a beautiful morning and fun being a "mom" for the day!

We picked Allie Ruth up early from school and went to the park.

I tricked the kids with the ole simon says game to get some pics!

It was a fun day spending extra time with my little nuts!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bandana to skirt tutorial

This is a super easy and cheap way to make a really cute skirt for your little girl. This is a great sewing project for a beginner.

I picked up this bandana for $1. I love the owls. 
You will first need to fold the bandana in half and cut it into two pieces. 

There was writing printed on this bandana so I ironed and sewed a small hem. 
Next I created the waist by ironing the fabric over about an inch and sewing. 

Next, I sewed both pieces together but only on one side. I also did not sew all the way to the top, leaving an opening for the elastic.

 Be sure to attach a safety pin to both ends of the elastic. One safety pin is to help guide the elastic through the hole and the other is to secure it to the fabric while you are pulling the elastic through. 

After the elastic is in place, you will sew the second side and then the hole you left for the elastic. 

So easy and so cute!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Just a swingin...

Kelly hung a rope swing in the front yard for the kids this weekend.
They love it.

I love the look on their faces!

Allie Ruth is not quite able to swing on it all by herself.

The chickens are growing more and more everyday!

We got them a really cute chicken house and it will be time to move them soon.

Speaking of growing... I was going over the order of the upcoming birthdays in our family with Allie Ruth. When we got to her birthday, she said "and I am gonna be four!" I said "yes" and made a sad face. She said "Mom, I will miss you when I get big!" Melt my heart!

Friday, November 2, 2012


I am excited about November. It's my birthday month and the start of the holidays. 

We will soon start  our family traditions and hopefully add some new ones.

Fall has been pretty this year. The leaves are prettier that they have been in the past.

The weather has been mild.

The kids are growing too fast and learning new things everyday.

It's the month to really focus and count blessings.