Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Fun!

We are getting so close to summer break, but for now, we are working for the weekend! 

Kelly had some work that needed to be done at the cabin without kids in the way. So, we were on our own, new puppy and all! We did horrible on the potty training, but Lucy is still alive and we didn't lose her so that is good! We started Saturday off by sleeping in! After we slowly got dressed, we visited the library. Landon only wants to check out chapter books. I wish he would pick books on his level, but he likes to find words he knows and sound out words he doesn't know. After the library, we went to out to eat lunch, mexican of course! We also visited a plant nursery and enjoyed walking around and looking at all the flowers. We bought two butterfly bushes to plant in the yard. Hopefully, the bushes will help give Lucy a little privacy so she can do her business!

I asked the kids what we should do and Landon said "go swimming!" The sprinkler was the best I could do and they had a great time!

Even Lucy loved it!

Lucy is just the sweetest girl and the kids really love her!

On Sunday, we had a breakfast picnic in the yard!

Then we took Lucy over to introduce her to Meme! We played in the yard with Meme and Uncle Buddy and had a great time! We left and came back home to rest. Mimmie came to visit and meet Lucy. We took a quick trip to the grocery and had a quiet Sunday night with Kelly back at home!

All the fun will really wear you out!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lucylou Sunshine Jones

Meet the newest member of the Jones Family!

The family grew by one on Monday, April 23 2012. The kids, mostly Landon, have been asking for a little dog forever. I mean, like, a year or more! Kelly and I knew we would get the kids a pet someday but had not really discussed when. We already have a big, black lab named Drake. I have never really mentioned him because he is more of a hunting dog. We got him the first year of our marriage and Kelly trained him to duck hunt. So, Drake has never really been a family dog. 

Lucy had been living at a construction site. Her mom got killed. A parent at school, whose backyard backs up to the school playground, was contacted because she has been known to foster and find homes for lost animals. I think she was trying to find a home for her when the kids were at recess.  I saw Landon's teacher, Mrs. Lavelle, in the hall with the cutest dog ever! When I saw her, I knew she needed to come home with us! Mrs. Lavelle said she already named her Lucy. We walked down to my room to call Kelly. When Kelly answered I said "Whatca doing?" He said "at the store buying dog food." In my head I thought thats a sign!! Well, one thing led to another and it was decide that Lucy was coming home with us! Landon was so thrilled when he found out! Every kindergartener had already seen, played, and petted her. You could just see that she was so sweet. If you know me very well, you know that I don't just love animals and don't usually connect with them. I told Landon that we could change her name if he wanted. She rode home with us in a laundry basket and we decided that we liked the name Lucy and that should be her name. We took her straight to the vet and got her all checked out. They said she is about three months old and part dachshund part something else. All cute for sure!

Landon is doing really well at being responsible and is helping a lot. He loves her! He loves her so much that he cried all the way to school Tuesday because he was going to miss her so bad. He also asked me if there was a bring your pet to school day!

Lucy's first bath! Kelly said that she was going to be my dog and I had to do all the care for her. So far he is a dog hog! He is smitten with Lucy!

Allie Ruth can't say her L sound very well yet... So she calls her Wucee!
She says "Wucee, come sit in my wap!" 

Lucy is already so spoiled but fitting in the family just fine!

Just because...

Just because we had a backhoe in our yard...

and just because she was looking so cute...

and just because their faces make me smile!

Monday, April 23, 2012

They say...

The best camera you have is the one you have with you. If I didn't feel slightly awkward, I would carry around my dslr and take pictures of my kids every move. But, thankfully I have my iphone. I waited years to get an iphone and I love her  it! I am also addicted to instagram! Here's a few pictures of what has been happening lately, iphone style:
1. Allie Ruth looking cute one day after school.
2. Landon climbed up in the tree, so Allie Ruth had to also. She wasn't so glad once she got up there!
3. Park playground.
4. Kelly's uncle gave Landon a bigger bike!
5. Just because I think she is the cutest girl around!
6. First ever T-ball practice. Loved it!
7. Going to the store in her car.
8. My babies crib before I took it apart.
9. Allie Ruth said YAY! This mama is still sad!

10. Landon is so sweet.
11. See... even to his sister.
12. He can READ!!  I am so amazed and proud!
13. Meme has been in the hospital, but is home and doing better!
14. Playing at a new park during Landon's T ball practice.
15. There are not many things cuter than a little one in sandals!
16. Chillin!
17. Running bases!
18. Batter up!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Fun!

We had a great Easter weekend filled with lots of fun!

Landon and Allie Ruth loved dying eggs!

We left the cabin early Sunday morning so we could make it home to Meme's for lunch. 

We went on our annual egg hunt with Sydney!

All the kids take this very serious!

Then we headed home to see if the Easter Bunny stopped to see us!

Happy Easter!

Monday, April 9, 2012

the BEST day!

We spent the first part of Easter weekend at the cabin. We had no plans of exactly what we were going to do. On Saturday, we threw around a couple of ideas. I was on my way to get a pedicure when Kelly said he was going to take the kids across the river and let them play at the beach. Whoa whoa whoa, forget a pedicure, I'm in!

I was early in the day and early in the season, so there was no one out. We had the whole beach all to ourselves. Its usually stacked up with boats, so the kids enjoyed running and running. 

And splashing and splashing! Surprisingly the water was not too cold!

Landon worked on getting a fire set up for Kelly to cook lunch.

I sat and read a book! The kids explored and dug in the sand. I know Kelly enjoyed just relaxing. Its seems like he is always working on something up there. 

We talked about how the kids are growing up too fast and how we would give anything to make time freeze. 

I made the comment that Allie Ruth's hair is surely long enough to donate now. I said "I will just die." Meaning that it will hard to let go of all her pretty hair and worried that it might make her look too big. She turned around and said "I will just die, too!" I am sure we both will live. 

The hot dogs were delish! 

Later, sweet Avery showed up to play!

It was the best day! These are the days!