Monday, September 26, 2011

Tiger Walk 2011!

Tiger Walk is a BIG deal at Tara Oaks. The kids love it and are always so excited about the day. This was my 10th tiger walk, but Landon's first! On Thursday, he kept saying "I can't wait for tomorrow!" The purpose of tiger walk is to raise money for the school. The kids are sponsored and donations are made by how many laps they run or walk. The weather was perfect for the day and everyone had fun!

Wearing Class t-shirt and working on tying our shoes!

Landon's face in these pictures crack me up! 

Well deserved treat! 

I loved hanging out with my little guy! So glad he goes to school with me and I don't miss out on anything!

I had a great time with these sweet girls! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Air Show 2011

Over the weekend, the whole family went to the air show. It was quite an experience! That Allie Ruth and I will leave up to the boys next time.

The air show had all kinds of different planes that you could walk up to or go in. 

Big Kelly, little Kelly! 

Ear protection was a must. The planes were so loud. Allie Ruth's reaction when a plane would fly by and catch her off guard was priceless. We will be shopping during the next air show.

Give her something sweet to eat and she is HAPPY! Too bad Dad wasn't, this was supposed to be his!

And of course, the air show planes. Yes, that is someone of the top of the plane.

Faster than the speed of sound! 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I wish I had a picture of...

you eating chocolate donuts with sprinkles

how fun you are to take shopping

taking a nap on mimmie's bed

making funny faces

you in your new pjs

how long your legs are getting

your cute painted piggies

you rocking your baby dolls

I love my sweet girl, Allie Ruth! 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fair Day 2011!

Last year we took the kids to the fair and they loved it, well mostly Landon. So this year, Landon was extra excited to go. We went on a Wednesday night, just like last year, but told the kids that we were going furniture shopping. When we pulled up to the agricenter and Landon saw the ferris wheel, he was so excited! At first I couldn't even get the kids to look at the camera because they were too busy looking at all the excitement around them. 

Landon was my riding partner while Dad and Allie Ruth watched. Landon has gotten so much braver compared to last year! He was eager to try lots of rides without being scared!

Dad wanted to watch a lion and tiger show that the kids could not take their eyes off of!

Allie Ruth enjoyed some rides that were more her speed!

Landon loved jumping and even did a double back flip! Go Landon!

Both kids played games and won prizes!
We enjoyed walking around and eating dinner!

Good bye fair, see you next year!

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend was also Kelly's birthday! We had fun celebrating all weekend, but the weather was terrible. We were all ready to enjoy some fun in the sun and get one last sun tan, but the sun did not cooperate! That was perfect for Kelly because he loves lazy days in the cabin. We got a lot done around the cabin and were so glad Mimmie was there to help decorate! We ate lots of yummy food, compliments of Gammie. We watched some football and took the perfect naps with the rain hitting the roof. The rain did not stop us from hanging out with friends and having fun!