Friday, June 28, 2013

Canoe Trip

We have wanted to go canoeing on the Buffalo river for a while. Its so close to our cabin. But we have had to wait until the kids were old enough. 

The river was beautiful! 

Just about to get started...

Allie Ruth was a little concerned at first. She was worried we were going to tip over. Dad got her calmed down and we didn't even tip once!

Landon brought his net and next time is bring his pole!

The water felt so good!

We had so much fun! This was one of our best family adventures!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Merry month of May!

May is always such a busy month! 
Landon started looking more like a real baseball player with all the new gear his Dad took him to get. Too bad so many of his games got rained out this season.

We had a great Mother's Day!

We loved sharing eggs with the neighbor and loved picking strawberries in his garden!

We have loved getting the summer kicked off with weekends at the River!

We wrapped up the end of a great school year. Landon had an awesome 1st grade year and we are so proud of how well he did. We have several changes to look forward to, but for now we are saying