Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Fever!

I am going to use this picture of my bunnies for an Easter card though postagram. I have never used this app before, so we will see!

All the hard work in the yard has really paid off. 

We have been spending the afternoons outside! Loving the warm weather and longer daylight! We play in the front yard, take a walk, and then play at the new park! 

Sometimes we play in the back yard!

Never gets old!

****Happy Spring!****

Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break phone dump!

We were ready for a break from school! 

Lots of sleeping in and eating out!

Lots of outside time will wear you out!

Playground at Shelby Farms with Mimmie!

Skyzone and lunch with friends was so fun!

Just looking cute for our visit with Allison! So glad we got to see her a can't wait for baby boy Murphy!

Went to the cabin for more lazy mornings and outside time!

Golf cart rides and shell collecting!

The kids got treats for being so good while the moms got pedicures!

Saturday was a great day for lunch at the boat dock and a boat ride!

And our one goal for spring break was for Landon to learn how to tie his shoes... Check!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

In the early morning sun...

When the day has just begun...

And your kids wake up before dawn... What do you do?
Take them to the big park...

We were the only people there, for once.

We took a nature walk...

Sweetness for a moment.

All boy and the leader of our nature walk.

Collected lots of sticks and splashed in lots of water.

Rockin her new found Toms. I highly suggest this easy recycle!

I see a  definite/ possible haircut in the future. 

snack break.

Allie Ruth's recent behavior has even caused sweet Landon to buck!

But, all in all, a great morning.

Spring is here!

Or at least it better be! We have had the mildest winter, especially compared to last year. 

Makes it good weather for working in the yard! Kelly and Landon really cleaned up the yard and it looks great!

Good work guys!

This girl is still a mess!

But we sure do LOVE her!

We went to Mason's baseball game. It was fun but we had to leave early due to a little accident. Geez!
Later that afternoon, I signed Landon up for his first ever T-ball team! This will be his first sport to play. We have been practicing in the yard everyday. Mom gives him batting lessons, she is good!! It starts at the end of April! Looking forward to an exiting spring!