Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A phase...

My sweet baby is going through a phase. Its not a good one, either. She is scared and worried. Having gone through this already with the big brother, I know what is in store and its not going to be fun. I can remember being scared at different points in my childhood and it hurts my heart for my kids. But its just a phase and it will pass. 

I can see it in her eyes. She is not the happy, independent girl she has portrayed in the past. She is scared and cries at school. She says she needs me to "save her". Dramatic? Yes. Heartbreaking? Yes. It has been going on for a little over a week. The only thing I can connect it with is that she had to be picked up early because of an ear infection. She is also scared to go to sleep. She has never been a napper, but you could always count on her to sleep a solid twelve hours. Now she is fighting going to bed at night and not sleeping through the night. My only solution is to put her in the bed with us. I don't think thats the wrong thing to do, but I also don't think its the right thing to do. I mean, I already have big brother on the couch downstairs. Is she trying to take the love seat? I'm sure she is just becoming more aware of her surroundings. I just wish they weren't upsetting her so bad. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I love you as much as I can...

The other night before bed, Landon gave me a huge hug and said "I love you as much as I can!" It melted my heart! But actually, the more I thought about it... It could be mean "you are really hard to love and I am loving you as much as I can!" Haha! But I KNOW that is not what my sweet boy was trying to say!

We had fun celebrating Valentine's Day. Some people think that Valentine's Day is a big waste and a commercial holiday. I do agree in some ways. We had so much fun at Christmas that I think I am grasping for a reason to do something big and special! So we made a special day of it!

First, we sent some birthday love to Uncle Bub. Can't believe he is 30!!!

The kids got a sweet surprise in the mail from their cousin Sydney! It was several books for each of them and some crafts and candy. They had a lot of fun receiving a special package! Thank You! One of the books, "Roses are Pink, Your feet really stink" is a book that I checked out of the school library and read to Landon's class. It is really cute so he was happy to have his own copy!

Right after Christmas, I saw a tutorial on how to make heart shaped candy cane lollipops. So I sent Kelly on the hunt to get me some candy canes on clearance. I got 50 for less than a dollar! I also had a coupon for Micheal's, spend $5 get $5 off! So they really did not cost much to make. We had fun but it was a little harder than I originally thought it would be, mostly because I had never done anything like this before. Despite the way some of them looked, they were really tasty!

We started off Valentine's Day morning with the kids opening their treat bags. I made Landon's bag when he was a baby so of course Allie Ruth had to have one too. We use them every year. I just fill them with little dollar store treats. The alligator box is Landon's card box for school. We had fun making that too!

Good morning, My loves!! Allie Ruth is so not a morning person:)

We had fun at Landon's Valentine party at school. So glad I got to be a part of it. Another plus of him being at school with me. And the ice cream was delicious!

Allie Ruth had a party at school and made this sweet card!

We had a yummy family dinner with steak, salad and lobster ravioli! Yum!! 
On another note, just because I don't want to forget this... The other night I was wanting a reaction out of Kelly. I said "I am really feeling the baby fever. I know a ton of people that are having babies and I think that we should have one more." Landon shouted "NO!, because then Allie Ruth won't pay me any attention!"  Sweet boy!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

As of lately...

Lots of love and sweetness

My hair looks like it has one very blonde highlight, but it doesn't. I am ready to get some blonde put back in my hair very soon. 

Landon and Allie Ruth have been sick with ear infections. But nothing ice cream and chick fil a couldn't fix!

Poor baby! She has also started to request to sleep in her big girl bed. I am going to tell her that she has to let go of her sassy if she wants to sleep in it. That should be super fun times!!

Landon was star of the week. We had fun making the poster and I enjoyed reading to his class!
Landon picked his favorite book, which is not my favorite to read. I asked him that night if he liked it when I came to his class to read. He said "yes, but I don't think my class liked it because you did not get many claps." geez! 

We had 50s day at school and a sock hop at night. Landon was super nervous about the dance because Kelly told him that he was going to have to dance with a girl. It was quite the opposite!

We had a light dusting of snow but no big deal. I was sad! A snow day is on my list of top five things that make me happy! The weather has been really mild this winter, so I don't guess I am going to get my day.

Since the weather has been so nice, we have been really enjoying the new park across the street!

And lastly, we took a day trip to visit Aunt Ruth! This is Allie Ruth's name sake, my mom's aunt. I kinda think they favor each other. What do you think?