Thursday, August 29, 2013

It's a family vacation! Day Three

 This is where it gets really tourist-y!
We visited Ruby Falls, Rock City and rode the incline train.

Ruby Falls was fun and the kids enjoyed walking through the cave to see the water fall. They liked all the shapes in the rocks that were labeled throughout the cave..

The water fall was really pouring because there had been a lot of rain recently. The story of how the cave and water fall were discovered was interesting. 

After that we went mining for rocks and minerals.

Time for Rocky City!

Allie Ruth and I were not fans of the swinging bridge. She is clinging to my leg!

Beautiful view!

Fun memories!

Riding the incline train was a nice break from walking!

We wrapped up the day and the vacation with swimming and pizza! The favorites of the hotel were spinning in the chair, jumping on the bed, playing with the phone, and the cucumber water! 

And that concludes The Grizwold's  Joneses go on vacation!

Friday, August 23, 2013

It's a family vacation- day two!

We left no stone unturned in downtown Chattanooga! We started the day off at the aquarium. We have wanted to take the kids to the TN aquarium for a while. It was amazing and we all had a ton of fun. Kelly probably enjoyed it the most! We watch a bird show and then took our time walking around. 

We spent several hours here and could have stayed longer!

After the aquarium, we ate lunch at Sticky Fingers... delish! Then we went over to Coolidge Park. The kids played and rode a carousel. Then we walked around and went into a few shops. All the shops were so cute. We wished we lived there!

After the park we went to see the Chattanooga Cho Cho. The train was really nothing to write about, but hey, we had to go see it and they did have good ice cream!
After the train we went to the Imax to see Born Wild in 3d.

Allie Ruth was so funny in the movie. She kept reaching out trying to pick flowers and pet the monkeys!

After getting cleaned up and resting from our busy day, we went out on the town again for dinner!

Friday, August 16, 2013

It's a Family Vacation!

 We went on our first ever family of four vacation this summer. We have been on trips before together, but never just the four of us! We left the cabin on a Friday morning without a real plan. We knew we were going to Chattanooga to do a couple of fun things there and the possibly of going more east in Tennessee. 

We took our time driving down. It was nice to not be in any hurry. The first thing we did was visit the River walk near the aquarium to let the kids play while Dad found us a hotel room. 

The kids were funny... They were like we get in the water but we can't get totally wet!? 

We got checked into a hotel room and rested some. Then we walked around downtown and went to eat at Big River. It was really good!

We took a horse carriage ride back to the hotel. A first for everybody!

Lastly we took the kids down to the indoor pool for a fun night swim.

This was also the kids first time to ever spend the night in a hotel!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer Fun!

We had such a fun summer! It was filled with days out on the boat at the river or at the pool in town. 

It was also filled with tons of fun memories with sweet friends!

Life long friends from Memphis joined us in the river fun!

We loved hanging out with Baby Sam and Allison! Allie Ruth could not get enough of Sam and enjoyed playing little mama!

How could you blame her? He is so cute!

Lucy still loves the boat and the water! 

Thankfully, the kayak is still a huge hit!

I am so thankful for this time to spend with Allie Ruth and Landon! It was a great summer!