Monday, July 25, 2011

Back to the 'Boro!

For a change of scenery while we were spending so much time at the river, I took the kids to Murfreesboro. This is were I went to college, MTSU. We met some of my friends from college for lunch at my favorite mexican restaurant. It was great to see my friends and take a little road trip! It was fun to drive around town and see how much things have changed and stayed the same! The Kids needed something a little extra to make the day complete. I took them to a great playground named Kid's Castle. Not somewhere I visited much in college!

We had a great Friday in the 'Boro and then headed back to the river for a great weekend!

Fishin' Family...

We love to go fishing off the docks at the river. Let's clarify though, Mom only kinda
 likes to fish when Dad is there to help. Dad is great at helping bait the hook with worms and take the fish off the hook. Mom is not good with all the technical stuff that goes along with fishing! Mom does love watching the kids have fun and seeing their reaction.

Landon is learning the in and outs of fishing quickly! 

We love how he sets the hook! Looks like he is reeling in something BIG!

Allie Ruth loves her Barbie pole and has already caught quite a few keepers!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fourth of July...

We spent the fourth of July weekend at the river with family, friends and fun!

Allie Ruth rode on the tube for the first time and really liked it! 

She is really getting comfortable in the water and loving it!

We watched plenty of fireworks shows! We went on a boat ride to watch them by the Mermaid on Saturday and down by our part of the river on Sunday night!