Monday, November 28, 2011


We had a great, relaxing Thanksgiving!
We enjoyed lunch over at Uncle Buddy's and dinner at Mimmie's.
Landon and Kelly could not wait to get to the river to fish. Kelly has recovered from his sinus surgery and had to make up for lost river time! Allie Ruth and I spent the weekend decorating for Christmas!

I am very thankful for these two cuties!!

Oh, now you want to be serious?!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We spent the day in our Western wear!

I was able to go to Landon's class for the pumpkin decorating craft!


Allie Ruth had a fun day at school with a Harvest party! 

Cowboys by day...

Knight and princess when the sun goes down!

I wanted Landon to be a pirate since he was already one for P day at school, but that was a no.
He knew Allie Ruth was going to be a princess so he said that he wanted to be a knight because "a princess and a knight make a story!" You can't argue with that!

We trick or treated with our good friends and had a great time. I was glad that Landon got to hang out with some of his friends from school. We ate chili and mummy dogs! The kids loved Ms. Amy's mummy dogs!

Avery made a cute twister girl!

Dad to the rescue! Trick or treating is hard work!
We all had so much fun. There is nothing cuter that watching the kids' excitement!