Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Real World Wednesday...

I have been wanting to do a post on what our life is "really" like. And since its Wednesday, we will call it that. Yes, I would say that 90% of the time I lead an amazingly, charmed life. We are very blessed and grateful! But everything is not always peaches and cream at the Jones house. Like for example, look at this lovely boy...

Would you believe that something this precious could be BAD!? Well, its true. He has been on quite a streak for the past week. Not just bad at home either, bad at school too! It was heartbreaking to drop him off and have the director of his preschool tell me that she has never seen this side of him. I mean, he is one of the best things I have in the whole world. It hurt my feelings. Its interesting, as a teacher, being on the other end of this business. Needless to say, heartbreak quickly left and turned to anger. Landon had to spend all of last night in his room. And he got spankings! He was only allowed to come out for dinner and to finish his work that he had not done at school. 

So after dropping him off at school with that info, I am on my way to work. It was very important to be on time, as we are starting TCAP. I get pulled over by a sheriff to let me know that my tags are expired!

Since FEBRUARY!!! Luckily, I did not get a ticket. After pulling the "We are friends with __________" card that did not work, I said "Well I am a teacher!" Whew, got out of that one!

And this guy... This is my sweet, handsome husband.

He is a great husband and the best Dad! We love him so much! But he has not been feeling well for several months now. After scans and tests, hopefully we will know something soon. And yes, that is a fire in our backyard. There has been a BIG, ugly pile of crap in our yard for who knows how long. It got burned yesterday, so I know our neighbors are happy to quit having to look at it! 

I could write a whole post on the disaster that is my house. 

Got to keep up? I can't keep up with my house. Once one room is clean, another is messy. Oh well, its not like the president is coming over for dinner!

I am still pushing that red button!

Sonic diet coke, its just so GOOD!
And today, I ordered a medium, paid for a medium, but got served a large!

How can you say no to that? Well, I am going to have to soon. Next year when Landon comes to school with me, We can't stop there every morning! 

While Landon was in his room spending quiet time, We missed him outside in the yard.

But today is a new day!

And this little boy...

Better be on his BEST behavior!!


  1. "Trouble" was wonderful today! I called him over before I left and said I'm texting your mom...his eyes got as big as saucers! I then showed/read him what I typed and his face lit up! I'm hoping last week was just a phase because he is honestly a great kid.

    I really hope they can figure out what's going on with K.

    Yay for an upgraded Sonic drink! :)

  2. and best get those tags ordered!! I'd hate to have to bail ya out of jail...ha!

  3. Enjoyed your post today! And as always LOVE your pics!! We need to get together soon so Molly can see her favorite friend :)

  4. Great writing and photos! Very entertaining..