Monday, August 29, 2011

Perfect Peach Pickin'...

For a little lesson in agriculture and an unplanned road trip, My wonderful friend and I took the kids to pick peaches at Jones Orchid. It took a little longer than expected to get there, but we made it!

Jones Orchid also has a great place to grab a bite to eat and shop for other produce!
Allie Ruth practiced her counting!

We can't wait until fall so we can go back to pick apples!!


  1. Wonderful photos and blog!! Dude-- my pics are so lame in comparison.. And although I do covet your camera, I think much of the talent lies with the photographer (you!!).. Awesome work, momma! Oh, and I love the "wonderful friend" props:) And apple pickin' is right around the corner:)

  2. Also... Too funny-- "Need a picker?" ha ha ha :)