Sunday, January 23, 2011

January Snow DAY(s)!

Since I am a teacher, we love a good snow day around here! There is nothing better:) Last Friday we were out for our third snow day. 

I love this picture! Nothing sweeter than my babies in p.j.s on a morning with nothing to do but snuggle!! This was on a Monday after Memaw's funeral. We all weren't feeling super great, so only Dad and Landon went outside to sled. Too bad because the snow was perfect to build a snowman.

Snow Day #2

On this snow day we got out of school early on a Thursday afternoon and were out of school on Friday. Everyone was feeling better so we got outside to play. The snow wasn't as good, but it was still fun:) We played around in the front yard a little.

This was one of Allie Ruth's first times to really play in the snow! She seemed to like it for the most part.
Poor thing, had to wear some of Landon's old boots that were a couple of sizes too big. They did the trick though!

We are lucky enough to live across the street from a park with great sledding hills. We all walked over and sled down the hills a few times. Allie Ruth sled with mom and liked it, but was more interested in going to play on the playground. We also had a bit of an accident. Landon and Allie Ruth went down the hill together and busted! Allie Ruth bit her lip and was covered in cold snow. Time to go in! 

I made some hot chocolate, per Landon's request:) 

Landon had been a little grouchy and wasn't wanting me to take his picture at all this day. 

What a big girl, Allie Ruth!

"Dad, its good!"

Awww, There's my smile from Landon!

(sort of)

Playing around the house...


After all this fun, it was supposed to be nap time. Allie Ruth has not taken a nap in the past three days. Not sure what that is about, but sister needs to rethink that! Landon took his rest on the couch and later started complaining about his ear hurting really bad. This usually ends in an ear infection for Landon. Poor thing, has his Dad's ears.  So since it was 3:30 on Friday afternoon, we went to the little clinic at Kroger. One ear pink and one ear very red. 

No wonder you were a little grouchy:) 

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  1. Love the "ridiculous" picture! Too cute!

    Hope Landon feels better soon!