Saturday, January 12, 2013

Quiet Christmas Eve

The kids were not feeling well at all on Christmas Eve. They were running a low fever with runny noses and coughing. We decided early in the day that we would not be leaving the house and going to our usual Christmas Eve stops. We were sad that we did not see the Chaissons or go to Meme's. We knew we could not share our germs:(

There was lots of sleeping and snuggling, which was nice. It was so relaxing being at home without a schedule. 

That night we let the kids open their gifts from Kelly and I. 

We had fun playing until it was time for bed. As I was getting Allie Ruth out of the tub and in her pjs, the Chaisson's came by and left our gifts on the front porch! So sweet! and they got to meet Lucy!
The kids opened their presents from them and played a little more until it was time for bed.

I hated that the kids felt bad but we had a great christmas eve at home. It reminded me of when we brought Landon home from the hospital after he was born, except way better, lol! 

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