Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hey there November!

November really snuck up on us! We have been so busy that the time is really moving fast! Too fast...

Landon and I have had a few bumps in the road with our new schools, but for the most part things are going well!

Landon even made the "fence of fame" at school for the month of October. 

We took a fun trip to East Tennessee for fall break. We spent some time at the cabin, then spent one night in Knoxville, and then to Pigeon Forge. We had fun seeing the mountains, shopping and all the other tourist stuff!

Halloween was fun, but Rue had a stomach bug. It was pitiful! 
Landon changed his mind on his costume but finally decided on the same goblin he was last year. Allie Ruth was a butterfly! Even though she was sick, she was still so cute!

Allie Ruth is still loving school and getting smarter everyday. She is a pro at writing her name. Her personality is so funny, yet a little dramatic!

We are loving the fall weather and excited about Thanksgiving! We are looking forward to the holidays and all ready have a tree up!

Happy November!

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  1. As always- great photos! I love the ones of AR in the grass. Good lookin' kiddos, you got there, lady :)