Friday, May 6, 2011

Fauxtography Friday!

Lesson Five: Composition 

I feel as though this is one of the elements of photography that are way easier to understand than the technical stuff. Composition and framing of the picture comes a little more natural to me! 

Composition means "the artistic arrangement of the parts of the picture." Remember, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, something that I think is a good composition, may differ from another perspective. 

Tips for learning:
1) Keep it simple.
    Try to keep distractions out by removing, repositioning, or decreasing your DOF.
2) Apply the rule of thirds.
     Your eyes are naturally drawn to a point about two thirds of the way up on a photo. Most cameras have a grid that you can see through the viewfinder. If not mentally divide your scene. You want to compose your photo so that the subject or action is located at one of the intersecting points. NOT the middle, or dead center of the image. (this is not actually a rule, more of a guideline.)
3) Keep an eye on the horizon.
4) Frame your subject. 
    You can use things such as arches, fences, or things found in nature to frame your picture.
5) Fill the frame.
    Get rid of wasted space.
6) Try a new perspective. 
     Look at your subject from different angles, a new view can change the look of the whole photo.

Cropping photos in an editing program is a simple fix. These examples mostly show keeping it simple and fill the frame.

And an example of the rule of thirds...

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