Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Just a peek into what our spring-after-school afternoons look like:

Landon loves to ride his four wheeler around the yard and play on the swing set!
Found a little friend today...

Allie Ruth says "Get that thing away from me!"

School is almost out for SUMMER vacation! Mom is counting down the days until she can squeeze, hug, and kiss you all day!!

Mimmie gave Landon a blue teepee and Allie Ruth a pink one!
They are so cute and fun! Allie Ruth has not quite gotten into hers but Landon has been sleeping in it every night! Well, until about 4am, then you get in bed with us. (no judgement!)

Allie Ruth, are you going to be a photographer? Photos & Pacis could be your business name! Your "sassy" is not supposed to be out of your bed! (again, no judgement needed!)

Dad surprised you with a new bike today for your St. Jude trike-a- thon at school. 
You love it! 


  1. He told me all about "sleeping in an Indian tent last night" and his new bike! He's stoked!

  2. I can't believe how tall Allie ruth has gotten since we saw y'all! Molly was talking about her again tonight :) can't wait for summer break, so they can play