Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Air Show 2011

Over the weekend, the whole family went to the air show. It was quite an experience! That Allie Ruth and I will leave up to the boys next time.

The air show had all kinds of different planes that you could walk up to or go in. 

Big Kelly, little Kelly! 

Ear protection was a must. The planes were so loud. Allie Ruth's reaction when a plane would fly by and catch her off guard was priceless. We will be shopping during the next air show.

Give her something sweet to eat and she is HAPPY! Too bad Dad wasn't, this was supposed to be his!

And of course, the air show planes. Yes, that is someone of the top of the plane.

Faster than the speed of sound! 

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  1. haha about the comments with lines through them! I'm sure I would've felt the same way..