Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In between...

These are just a few photos of what has been going on lately as we have been in between the last days of summer and not quite yet fall. Or we could call them crap photos that Mom doesn't want to loose the memories. 

Allie Ruth cheesin' in Mimmie's backyard after a fun day of shopping. We went to the Cordova Craft fair and was slightly disappointed but got some cool bird feeders that were handmade! I have said before that Allie Ruth is a great shopping girl. Hopefully she will always enjoy shopping with Mimmie and I!

Talking on the phone to Uncle Bub! I said that I would never be one of those moms that let their kids talk on the phone, never say never. Plus, most of the people I talk to on the phone want to talk to her anyway! Her mouth is dirty from chocolate donuts. The girl is addicted! If there is Daylight Donuts in the house, you can forget her eating anything else! 

Fall fishin on a chilly Saturday. Kelly and Landon had previously caught a lot of fish and then Allie Ruth and I joined them at the River for a fish fry and football. So yum!

After school, we love to walk up to the "Scary Cove". Landon has gotten really good at riding his scooter. 

Allie Ruth is content riding in the stroller as long as she has snack and something to drink!

Landon is getting way too big! And don't think he is leaving the yard without that helmet on! "I want to be safe, Mom!"

Here we go again! But this time we are walking up to the big park. It is rare that we have enough time to walk up there. 

Allie Ruth's dress has functioned as a dress and now a shirt with leggings!

Landon acted really hyper and goofy at the big park. There is no telling what the other parents there thought! Maybe its the hair cut?!

Craft time!

Someone has gotten a mind of their own and didn't want to show me her eyes!

She has perfected the sad face!

Stay five forever!!!!

And lastly, Princess and  Pirate Day at school!  
I can smell FALL BREAK in the air!!

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  1. I miss me some Joneses!

    Pirate day sounds like so much fun! AR is getting so big

    (I'll call you back soon, sorry it's been crazy!)