Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Landon celebrates SIX!

We started the celebration off with a sleep over! Nathan, our new friend from school, came home with you after school got out for the break. 

Our first ever sleep over went really well and was a lot of fun!

On the real day of your birthday, Wednesday, you wanted Allie Ruth to stay home from school and share your day. You are so sweet to her! and most of the time she does not deserve it!
The two of you spent the morning playing. I am thankful for how well you two play together. You are easy going for the most part and take really good care of your sister!

We ate lunch at home and then met Dad at Chuckie Cheese!!

Its hard to say who had the most fun!

Then it was time to rest up and get everything ready for your family birthday party!

You requested Mummy Dogs! The food was so good and the party was really laid back!

Good job Dad!! 

So thankful for our family that was able to come to the party! The guests included Mimmie, Gammie, Meme, and Uncle Bub!

After dinner, it was time to open presents!

For your sixth birthday you got your first riffle from Mom and Dad. Some other favorites were a remote control helicopter, remote control big truck and a wii game!

Time for cake and singing Happy Birthday!

We love you so much, Landon! You are such a blessing to Daddy and I! We could not ask for more out of a son and you are growing up too fast!!


  1. He's the sweetest 6 year old I know. Not too many kids want to hang out with their little sister.

    Glad his first sleep over went well! SO fun!!

  2. So sweet!! Happy 6th belated birthday, Landon!! :)