Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Morning!

SANTA DID COME!! He loved our treats and left a sweet note!

We also knew that Rudolph had some of the water we left for him... the water turned red from where his nose dipped into the water!! 

The tooth fairy made her stop as well. We were kinda worried because over at Meme's house, one of our cousins told us a story about  losing  a tooth on Christmas Eve and the tooth fairy and Santa got into a fight! This year they got along perfectly, the fairy even left the cash in the stocking! 

Landon was in shock!

Allie Ruth wanted to still be in bed! I had to go wake her up that morning.

Finally came around and opened your stocking with Dad!

Santa was way too good to us... 


Allie Ruth and I took a great nap Christmas afternoon! 

We spent Christmas night at Gammie's with Sydney, Shelly and Dailey!

It was also a lot of fun!

We had a great, relaxing Christmas Holiday! Kelly and I have said several times that this was our best Christmas ever! Its so fun seeing it through the eyes of your kids! 

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