Wednesday, January 4, 2012

One more Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We spent the last of our Christmas break at the River with our good friends. All the kids range in age but get along well and have a great time together. When we were not napping or laying around being lazy, we enjoyed playing at the park, taking walks, having fights with pellet guns, and eating!

The kids enjoyed one last Christmas hoorah! 

That's the last of the Christmas gifts! What an amazing Christmas it was!

New Years Eve Day was beautiful! The weather was warm and we really debated a boat ride, but just decided to hang out. We played with the kids and some of their new toys. 

For NYE night we had a yummy dinner and hung out!

We may or may not have made it to midnight!

We were so blessed during 2011! I hope that 2012 is just as wonderful!



  1. Love all of the pictures. Happy 2012!

  2. L's face is the first picture cracks me up! It's like he's trying to be as big as his friends!!

    It must be a ton of fun celebrating at the river!

  3. Great pics! Loved seeing y'all over the break :)