Thursday, February 2, 2012

As of lately...

Lots of love and sweetness

My hair looks like it has one very blonde highlight, but it doesn't. I am ready to get some blonde put back in my hair very soon. 

Landon and Allie Ruth have been sick with ear infections. But nothing ice cream and chick fil a couldn't fix!

Poor baby! She has also started to request to sleep in her big girl bed. I am going to tell her that she has to let go of her sassy if she wants to sleep in it. That should be super fun times!!

Landon was star of the week. We had fun making the poster and I enjoyed reading to his class!
Landon picked his favorite book, which is not my favorite to read. I asked him that night if he liked it when I came to his class to read. He said "yes, but I don't think my class liked it because you did not get many claps." geez! 

We had 50s day at school and a sock hop at night. Landon was super nervous about the dance because Kelly told him that he was going to have to dance with a girl. It was quite the opposite!

We had a light dusting of snow but no big deal. I was sad! A snow day is on my list of top five things that make me happy! The weather has been really mild this winter, so I don't guess I am going to get my day.

Since the weather has been so nice, we have been really enjoying the new park across the street!

And lastly, we took a day trip to visit Aunt Ruth! This is Allie Ruth's name sake, my mom's aunt. I kinda think they favor each other. What do you think?

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  1. 1. The sock hop pictures are adorable! I bet y'all had a blast.

    2. AR and your Aunt Ruth do favor! Such a sweet picture...I'm sure she'll treasure it one day.

    3. I do love a snow day, but these 60 degree days are realllly nice too!!