Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Just for fun!

Landon was studying towns, cities, states, etc. in his first grade class. We don't live in the same little town that our school is in. It's quite a drive but well worth it. So one day he asked me "Where is the square?" I said "You know where it is, We have been there for a haircut, the army surplus store, ice cream and the post office." He still seemed to not really know why it was called the square. So since I love to take pictures and he will rarely let me take his, I told him I would show him all around the square if he would let me take his pictures there. I also wanted to practice using my camera in the RAW setting. He said "Yes, as long as you buy me ice cream!" 

 Landon said "We're done here!" Then I took my handsome, first grader to get his ice cream!

Also, just for fun, My friend Courtney did an edit on these for me! Check her out, she's awesome!