Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Fun

We started the Halloween Fun on Saturday night. We went trunk or treating at Mimmie's church.

The kids loved their costumes! 

Uncle Bub went with us, but I think it was just for the candy!

Landon was really excited about craving pumpkins this year. This was the first year we have carved our pumpkins!

Getting them all scooped out

The kids thought the inside was gross!

The pumpkin carving turned into a girls vs. boys contest. 

My little lefty!

Sweet pumpkins! Landon was annoyed with Rue jumping on his back!

On halloween night we had some friends and family over to eat nachos and go treat or treating. We went to the scary cove. Landon was scared a little, but not Allie Ruth! We really didn't trick or treat for long, but the kids still had fun.

Another great Halloween!

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