Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bandana to skirt tutorial

This is a super easy and cheap way to make a really cute skirt for your little girl. This is a great sewing project for a beginner.

I picked up this bandana for $1. I love the owls. 
You will first need to fold the bandana in half and cut it into two pieces. 

There was writing printed on this bandana so I ironed and sewed a small hem. 
Next I created the waist by ironing the fabric over about an inch and sewing. 

Next, I sewed both pieces together but only on one side. I also did not sew all the way to the top, leaving an opening for the elastic.

 Be sure to attach a safety pin to both ends of the elastic. One safety pin is to help guide the elastic through the hole and the other is to secure it to the fabric while you are pulling the elastic through. 

After the elastic is in place, you will sew the second side and then the hole you left for the elastic. 

So easy and so cute!


  1. Sew cute! (ha!)'s adorable!!

  2. LOVE this! Where did you find the scarf? I'm such a novice seamstress, I doubt I could even do this, but I'd love to try!