Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Egg dyin' Fun!

Allie Ruth and I started the long Easter weekend off with an (indoor) egg hunt that was fun and then met some friends for lunch. Then we shopped on our way to the cabin to meet the boys. They had gone up earlier to fish. It was a great Friday off from school, even if the weather was not perfect. 

On Saturday morning the rain held off long enough for us to set up our eggs to dye on the front deck, just like last year. Rue could not understand that when we dye eggs, it means to change the color, not die. Ha!

Yes, the kids are still in their pjs and you can forget about brushing hair!

The sweet, little boy across the street was up visiting his grandparents. The kids played with him when he was up over the summer so they were very excited that he was in town. He came over and joined the fun.

The kids did a great job and had a lot of fun!
After we finished and cleaned up the mess, in came the rain. Again!

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