Thursday, August 29, 2013

It's a family vacation! Day Three

 This is where it gets really tourist-y!
We visited Ruby Falls, Rock City and rode the incline train.

Ruby Falls was fun and the kids enjoyed walking through the cave to see the water fall. They liked all the shapes in the rocks that were labeled throughout the cave..

The water fall was really pouring because there had been a lot of rain recently. The story of how the cave and water fall were discovered was interesting. 

After that we went mining for rocks and minerals.

Time for Rocky City!

Allie Ruth and I were not fans of the swinging bridge. She is clinging to my leg!

Beautiful view!

Fun memories!

Riding the incline train was a nice break from walking!

We wrapped up the day and the vacation with swimming and pizza! The favorites of the hotel were spinning in the chair, jumping on the bed, playing with the phone, and the cucumber water! 

And that concludes The Grizwold's  Joneses go on vacation!

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