Friday, August 16, 2013

It's a Family Vacation!

 We went on our first ever family of four vacation this summer. We have been on trips before together, but never just the four of us! We left the cabin on a Friday morning without a real plan. We knew we were going to Chattanooga to do a couple of fun things there and the possibly of going more east in Tennessee. 

We took our time driving down. It was nice to not be in any hurry. The first thing we did was visit the River walk near the aquarium to let the kids play while Dad found us a hotel room. 

The kids were funny... They were like we get in the water but we can't get totally wet!? 

We got checked into a hotel room and rested some. Then we walked around downtown and went to eat at Big River. It was really good!

We took a horse carriage ride back to the hotel. A first for everybody!

Lastly we took the kids down to the indoor pool for a fun night swim.

This was also the kids first time to ever spend the night in a hotel!

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