Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Play ball!

Landon had his first ever T ball game! Awhile back I said that I signed him up for T ball. We have been practicing everyday in the yard or at the field. Landon is really loving it and learning a lot. Plus, Allie Ruth likes the playground and we love going out to eat afterwards!

My brown eyed boy was so excited and played really well!

Up to bat! He hit the ball both times on the first swing and the ball went into the outfield. You can only run one base at a time in T ball. The first time up to bat he ran to second base and had to go back to first base!

He was so proud to have Uncle Bub, Mimmie, and Uncle Buddy there to watch him!

We were really proud that he stayed focused and kept his head in the game! He was paying attention and not playing in the dirt!

Way to go #11!

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