Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Fun!

We are getting so close to summer break, but for now, we are working for the weekend! 

Kelly had some work that needed to be done at the cabin without kids in the way. So, we were on our own, new puppy and all! We did horrible on the potty training, but Lucy is still alive and we didn't lose her so that is good! We started Saturday off by sleeping in! After we slowly got dressed, we visited the library. Landon only wants to check out chapter books. I wish he would pick books on his level, but he likes to find words he knows and sound out words he doesn't know. After the library, we went to out to eat lunch, mexican of course! We also visited a plant nursery and enjoyed walking around and looking at all the flowers. We bought two butterfly bushes to plant in the yard. Hopefully, the bushes will help give Lucy a little privacy so she can do her business!

I asked the kids what we should do and Landon said "go swimming!" The sprinkler was the best I could do and they had a great time!

Even Lucy loved it!

Lucy is just the sweetest girl and the kids really love her!

On Sunday, we had a breakfast picnic in the yard!

Then we took Lucy over to introduce her to Meme! We played in the yard with Meme and Uncle Buddy and had a great time! We left and came back home to rest. Mimmie came to visit and meet Lucy. We took a quick trip to the grocery and had a quiet Sunday night with Kelly back at home!

All the fun will really wear you out!

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  1. Oh how fun is that! I'm sure Lucy is in 7th Heaven being a member of the Joneses!

    AR's eyes in that shot...beautiful!!