Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weekend Fun!

We started the weekend off with a morning Tee ball game! 

Then we headed back home for a big surprise for the kids!

While we were are the game, Kelly had a water slide delivered and set up in the backyard! The kids were so surprised and excited!

The 2nd annual water slide day came a little earlier this summer!

Poor Allie Ruth, tried the best she could, but just could not make it up the slippery steps!

Sooo, I had to carry her up! What a work out for Mom! When we would finally get up there, she would act too scared to slide down, so she got a little loving nudge! 

Landon had so much fun sliding and Allie Ruth just decided to play in the pool part of the slide and love on Lucy!

Allie Ruth decided it was nap time for her and Lucy!

Later, some friends came over! Allie Ruth had someone to play with and Landon had someone to go down the slide with him.

On Sunday, we celebrated Meme's 86th birthday!
We had a yummy fish fry and all the family came over!

It was a FUN weekend!

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