Monday, October 15, 2012

Beach Livin'

We settled right in to the beach lifestyle! We loved playing in the water and taking long morning walks on the beach. We ventured out on our second day for a little shopping and lunch.

My brother and I have our picture taken at this same store with the shark. This is the store where we picked up a new pet... Hunter the hermit crab. Landon used his money that he had saved to buy the crab. 

We enjoyed lunch out. I ate oysters everyday, Yum!

Time to get back out in the sun and water! The pool was too cold for me and Allie Ruth.

Landon spent a lot of time swimming around looking and trying to catch stuff in the water.

Kelly couldn't stand it anymore and had to buy a fishing pole!

On Tuesday, we had a beach play date with some sweet friends!

So fun!

We ended the day eating dinner  at our favorite restaurant and getting ice cream from our favorite spot. 
Just like when I was a kid!

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