Thursday, October 4, 2012

"The Scary Cove"

The kids are getting so excited about Halloween! We have been talking about and looking at costumes. I am a wee bit sad because the kids don't want to be what I want them to be this year. How cute would a mermaid and a scuba diver be? Landon wants to be something scary, like a zombie. Rue wants to be a princess. She was a princess last year. So, I don't see cute homemade costumes in my future. Landon said its not my halloween anyway! 

One Halloween tradition that I don't see changing any time soon is our walks to "the scary cove". There is a cove near our house that really goes all out for Halloween. The kids really look forward to it and talk about it a lot. They even love to drive by in the car. 

We are in such a in between phase on a lot of things right now. The kids are a little too big for some stuff and not quite big enough for others. An example would be that Landon is not quite good enough on his big bike to ride very far and Rue is a little too big to ride in the stroller, at least she thinks so.
The wagon was a nice compromise. 

This witch has been a favorite for years. You touch it and she cackles. Even though you know its coming, it still makes you jump.

We always have to walk around the cove at least twice. The home owners are so friendly. They always talk to us  and tell us about what they are adding. They also collect money on Halloween night to donate to a children's hospital. 

What are your Halloween traditions?

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