Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fishing with Captain Dennis

You can bet if you are going to be with Kelly and around water that you are getting on a boat at some point! Kelly loves boats, water and fishing. He scheduled a charter fishing boat for the whole family to go on. We were glad he did, it was so much fun!

We went on a small, private boat with Captain Dennis. He was so nice, especially to the kids. We were supposed to say in the bay area, but since the ocean was really calm, he took us out about 2 miles.

The fish were really biting! We caught a lot of big keepers! We could not believe how high the fish would jump out of the water. We even saw several dolphins!

It was really hard work reeling them in!

Go Mimmie!

Yay Landon!

We were all pretty worn out after our trip but had a great time!

We went back to the restaurant for dinner. They cooked the fish we caught three different ways. We all agreed that was our favorite dinner of the trip!

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