Sunday, December 30, 2012

Landon celebrates SEVEN!

Since Landon's birthday falls at the start of Christmas break, Life is just one big party!
Landon had the option of having a birthday party somewhere with his friends, but he decided to have his friend spend the night just like last year! Win for Mom!
Nathan spent the night and they played and played! We also made cookies and watched movies.
The next day we went to the movies and saw Wreck it Ralph, which was so cute!

On your real birthday, we started the day by opening your gifts from Mom and Dad!

You got a set of slap bracelet watches that you wanted and a new shotgun. 

You were so excited! Dad went over gun safety again and then showed you how to shoot it. It was a little louder and more powerful than Mom realized!

We had a birthday breakfast and spent the rest of the morning hang out around the house.
Later that afternoon we went to Chuckie Cheese with Dailey, Sydney and Gammie. 

That night we had Mimmie and Gammie over for dinner. Landon picked Brad's bbq and it was so good!

Your opened your gifts!

You got everything on your birthday wish list!

Landon, We can't believe you are seven years old! It just seems like it was last Christmas Eve that we were bringing you home from the hospital! You are such a blessing to our family with your funny sense of humor and sweet heart! We love you so much!

We ened the night with your birthday spankings! Happy Birthday sweet boy!

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