Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Weekend Fun, Christmas style!

This weekend was full of Holiday fun! The boys went to the cabin and Allie Ruth and I joined them later on Friday night. They had a big surprise for us. Kelly decorated the outside of the cabin with colored lights and Landon decorated a tree all by himself!

It looks beautiful! Landon did a great job! The kids got their star on top of the tree!

It rained a lot but we did go to town to do a little christmas shopping. We also discovered a new park! Just when I thought I knew about all the town of Parsons!

We also made salt dough ornaments!

Both kids gagged at the smell of the dough, but had a lot of fun squishing it around!

We may or may not have had to use a wine bottle for a rolling pin!

We made a special one for Lucy Girl to remember her first Christmas with us!


  1. Yay for lights!

    LOL at using the Santa's helper wine bottle!!

  2. Wine bottles make the best rolling pins :} I want to make these with the kids this weekend! Yours look great!