Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer is Here!!

We started off the summer with Memorial Day Weekend at the River. It felt like we had never left and we just had summer! We went on our first family boat ride of the year. On Sunday, Mom drove the family out on the boat while Dad worked on the new cabin. We are getting really close to being done, Dad has worked so hard!

 Allie Ruth did not like getting in the water this weekend. Maybe the water was still too cold. You also have not felt well, runny nose and cough. You are definitely looking too big!

                         Landon loved the water, of course! Just like a little fish!

Driving the boat is serious business! It won't be long and you will be driving all by yourself! 
We had a great weekend with family and friends! We are so excited its SUMMER!!

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  1. Glad y'all had a fun weekend!

    If Kel needs more help, I'll volunteer Ben! ;)