Wednesday, June 1, 2011

TN Safari Park

We decided we needed to come home from the river on Tuesday. Allie Ruth had not sleep well at all the night before, double ear infection. Poor girl! I wanted to make the ride home fun for Landon, so Dad suggested we stop at  the Tennessee Safari Park.

It was interesting! You drive around in a large circle in a field with all kinds of different animals. 

Well, about thirty seconds into our Safari ride, this came running up to the car! The kids FREAKED! I let the kids sit up in the front seat. Allie Ruth didn't realize what was happening, but Landon saw the Emu come running up and he started screaming, whaling, freaking out!! So that made Allie Ruth freak out! What was I doing?  Laughing SO hard that I was crying!! It was really funny! So we did not get off to a great start!

Some of the other interesting animals... We went around the circle twice and it was only after the end of the second time that Landon would feed a horse! Allie Ruth was definitely not going to feed one, so I was the one that had to do it! 

There is also an petting zoo area where you can get out of the car and feed the animals. Landon liked feeding the goats but was upset that two baby goats had gotten their heads stuck in the fence. 

One the way home, we stopped at a cute place to get ice cream, but it was closed. Too bad, because we really needed some!!


  1. That sounds like fun! Also, awesome photos, as usual:) Thanks for sharing.. I will put this spot on my "To Do" list for the family..

  2. What a neat place! LOL at the emu!

    Oh and I totally miss seeing L's cute face every day!