Thursday, June 30, 2011

Zoo Day...


Hmmm... Its 95+ degrees in Memphis, what should we do??
Since we have a membership to the zoo, I thought it would be fun to just pop in. Some areas where really hot, but for the most part, it felt nice. And the animals were out and being really playful!  We had a lot of fun and stayed for about 2 hours, just enough to wear you out for a change. 

Your eyes were glued to the animals!

We feed the birds at the "birds and bees" exhibit! 

Allie Ruth was a little unsure, of course. You did well until the birds would fly off!

Landon loved it!

The birds were really fun, but I missed the butterflies!

and the day is not complete...

without ice cream!!

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  1. As usual, awesome pics of the kiddos! But the animal photos are amazing, as well. Love the giraffe! :)