Friday, February 25, 2011

Fauxtography Friday!

Lesson 2 part 2:  
 Finding the balance with aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. 

What we have learned:
Aperture- you need a lot of light in order to use a high f/stop like f/22.
Shutter speed- you need a lot of light indoors to use a very high shutter speed.

To get a correct exposure your f/stop and SS need to balance to let in enough light to expose your image. This is were your built in meter on your camera comes into play. Your exposure meter looks like a scale and is located at the bottom of the viewfinder. 

When you focus on an image, if the line on the meter is on the minus section, your image is underexposed. If the line is on the plus section, your image is overexposed. If the line is centered, you have the correct exposure. * Now, I have read that you might need to meter a little to the plus or a little to the minus, depending on your camera and style of photography. 

When you use Manual mode, you need to use the meter to make sure you have the correct exposure. If you already have your ISO set, then you are really just make two choices, SS and Fstop. * What have I been so scared of??

You can do it!!  

Ok, so I turned my camera to the manual mode and practiced indoors and outdoors. These photos are not really good or interesting but I did take them in manual and did understand a lot more about how my camera works.

These are some flowers that a sweet student gave me for Valentines day:)

Tree right outside my classroom.

Another tree.

My flowers two weeks later still look pretty:)

Hopefully this weekend, I can photograph some more interesting subject matter!

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