Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday!

Pocket Photo Frame

-Canvas or Hard board
-Clear Vinyl 

I got these canvas prints at Target for the popular Target price of $3.24. 
I did not like the picture but figured I could do something with them later.

You can get the clear vinyl from any fabric store.

I made this bib for Allie Ruth's first birthday and really wanted to try sewing with vinyl again.

First I cut my fabric, leaving enough fabric on the sides to wrap around the canvas. 
Then I made a paper template and outlined it with chalk. 

I wanted my pocket to hold a 4x6 picture, so I cut the vinyl pieces to measure
 4.5x 6.5. 

Then I laid them out on the fabric were I wanted them to go.
To get the vinyl to lay flat, you can put them in a book and they will straighten out quickly. 

Here is were things started to go south with this project. Sometimes the ideas in my head don't quite work out. And I have been in a sort of creative slump lately. 

Originally, I wanted to sew the vinyl straight to the fabric. Well, this did not work at all! The fabric was bunching up and the vinyl was sticking to the presser foot. Very frustrating! So I took a break from working on it. I thought about it for a while and decide to sewing bias tape around the vinyl and then hot glue them to the fabric canvas. Hey, when all else fails, bust out the hot glue gun!!

I put a piece of painters tape on the vinyl so it would not stick when going through the sewing machine. I  had some blue bias tape, so I sewed it to the sides of the vinyl leaving it off one side for the opening. 

This is what a finished pocket looks like. 

I used some spray glue to hold the fabric in place on the canvas and then folded the corners and hot glued them to the back. 

Then I hot glued my faux sewed pockets to the fabric covered canvas. 

Not really loving this, but Landon likes it and he can change out the pictures whenever he wants. Or put other things besides pictures in there. 

What I am loving:

Landon's drawing of our family!

He spelled his name with the letter magnets and we did not have another "N" so he wrote it in!


The sign for his door that he informed me that when its on there that means no one can come in... 
good try buddy, I own that room:)

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  1. What a neat idea! You come up with the greatest things!

    Love Landon's drawing! He's creative just like his momma and doing an excellent job with his name!