Saturday, February 5, 2011


They say "a picture is worth a thousand words." Sometimes its worth all the words because its so good. Sometimes its worth a thousand words because of the story they tell.  Well, I have never created a photo that would be worth a thousand words but one day I would like to! It would be of my adorable children, of course! That is really all I want to do with my photography is take a picture of my kids that is creative and I love. I have always had an underlying interest in taking photos, but it really did not become a hobby until I inherited this camera from my Dad.

The camera came with accessories and two lens. A minolta 28mm and 55mm. 

I got a digital SLR shortly after playing around with this camera and realizing that a dollar a click of the  shutter was not going to be in my budget. Film is expensive! Plus you have to focus the lens manually and that ain't gonna happen with two small kids! Definitely a camera for taking pictures of things that don't move:) But film can capture a better picture in some situations. This is my favorite picture I have taken with film.

I am going to use a portion of my blog to make myself more accountable in learning how to use my camera. I mean, whats the point of spending all that cash on a camera that you have not even taken the time to use it to its full potential. And pictures are one of  the most important things, freezes that moment in time. 

I will be doing a 12 week course to better photos. I started this back in the summer and got stuck on the first week. Ha! I am really bad at math and numbers scare me! There are a lot of numbers and thinking about numbers in photography. The time has come to move forward!! Join me, do the lessons with me! You don't have to have a dslr camera:)

 Here is the link:

Lesson One: Aperture

Aperture: (or f-stop) um, can you say opposite, opposite?! WIDER= LESS, SMALLER= MORE.

Picture #1 35mm  f/1.8
I am focusing on the M in Mac.

Picture #2  35mm f/8

See how the "fluffy pancake mix" is more in focus? Still focusing on the M in mac.

Picture #3 35mm f/22

Still focusing on the M in mac. Kinda grainy in real life. 

This exercise is best done outside, but since it is freezing cold, no thanks. And since I have already done this lesson back during the summer, I am moving on. Oh, Lordy!!!!


  1. Great lesson. I'd love to learn more too, so I may give this a try.

    What DSLR do you have? I am looking into getting one, but there are so many good's hard.

  2. I am so excited you posted these lessons! I am in! I just did the first two. uh, this crap is hard. glad I didn't want to be a professional pohotgrapher b/c I would have failed. I took my pictures inside, too and I think that's part of the difficulty b/c light is tough inside. Anyways, when we get thru the lessons (when the girls are graduating high school) we should get them together at a park or something and use our mad skills! Hopefully by spring we will be pros. Thanks again!

  3. Yay! I sooo need to figure out my camera! I've had it for months and still just shoot on auto :( Can't wait to follow along!