Sunday, February 6, 2011

What we did this weekend...

WITH NO PICTURES! Boo- but that's the way it goes sometimes.

The weekend unofficially starts on Thursday night in my book. So, Thursday night we went to Shogun for Uncle Bub's birthday dinner. It was really fun and very entertaining for the kids. Except Landon was scared of the fire and every time a flame was lit on the grill at any table he hid under the table. LOL. Why I did not bring my camera with me, I was wishing the whole time I had it!! We did get a cute  family picture taken by the waiter when they came to sing Happy Birthday! They printed it out and I am sure Uncle Bub has it framed by his bedside!!

Just a good ole Friday night with Brad's BBQ for dinner and a late bed time! Everyone slept in pretty late on Saturday morning. By late, I mean 8:30am.  We just hung out around the house for the morning. We had been planning on getting my grandmother's bedroom furniture for Allie Ruth's room. Kelly, Landon, and Hunter went to my grandmothers to get it and Allie Ruth stayed with Gammie. I got dressed (in peace, woot woot) and went to a wedding shower with my Mom.  After the wedding shower, I helped my Mom start sorting through pictures from my Memaw's.

On Saturday night the kids spent the night with Gammie and Kelly and went on a date! Thats right, a real date. We went to J.Alexanders and it was very yummy and nice to have adult conversation with no interruptions.

On Sunday morning I started cleaning out Allie Ruth's old furniture. Then we switched out the old with the new/old furniture. I cleaned her room and washed all the linens. My mom came over later in the afternoon to see what it looked like and help out with the finishing touches. When I first got the furniture, I didn't think much about it. Thought it would look good, but not a big difference. I was wrong. Allie Ruth's new room is so cute!! Looks like the sweetest little girls room. She had a queen bed in there that we will take to the cabin. Now she has a double bed with a head and foot board that looks just so sweet. I will not be moving her to that bed anytime soon. I plan on keeping her in the crib as long as possible. I did tell my Mom that I could not believe that two adults slept on a double bed together for over 60 years. Kelly and I have a king and I think we could both go for some more room, LOL!

The weather was somewhat mild so we got out and went across the street to the park and played in the yard for a while. So nice to be outside.

Super Bowl SUNDAE! We had a party with just our wee little family. Landon requested tacos and ice cream sundaes. Funny, both the kids were asleep at the start of the super bowl. They had not had a nap so we let them have a little snooze. We had our yummy snacks and watched the commercials, I mean game. The kids danced during the half time show!

Time for bed and getting ready to start another fun week! Whats that I smell?? Smells like snow!! Rumor has it theres a SNOW DAY in our future!!

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  1. Landon told me all about the dinner at Shoguns! He seem to enjoy it!

    Hope you enjoyed your early day! Fingers crossed for snow Weds/Thursday!!