Friday, March 4, 2011

Fauxtography Friday!

Lesson 3: The color of Light

White Balance is setting the color temperature of your image. 

Tutorial: Custom White Balance: Custom white balance is the best way to fix color casts in an image. It makes the camera adapt to the exact lighting situation that you are shooting. 

I used ARs shoes for my example. This picture is using the white balance in the auto mode. 

This example is done with the Tungsten setting, which is used for indoor lighting.

This example done using the custom white balance. I took a picture of a solid white sheet of paper and then set my white balance according to the picture of the white sheet of paper. At first glance, it does not seem like much of a difference in each picture, but there is slightly. I can see how setting the white balance will really help a lot of my pictures that tend to have an orange tint to them. I bet people wondered if my kids were jaundice!

This example was done under flourescent lighting.

And using custom white balance under flourescent lighting.

Whew, so many things to remember and think about just to take a picture!

Happy Friday and almost spring!

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