Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break 2011! part three

So for the third and final stretch of spring break, Allie Ruth and I joined the boys at the river.
The weather was perfect! (I sound like a grandma talking about the weather all the time, ha!) It was nice enough for a boat ride and playing outside!

We did some airplane flyin'...

Don't worry, it did even touch Allie Ruth! 

Landon still thought it was a little funny!

We did some kite flyin'...

and some horse watchin'...

We even saw a fox taking a nap in the sun!

(photo by amy g's iphone)

What a great spring break! 

These River girls are ready for SUMMER!!


  1. Ms. Raines is rubbing off on you with the weather talk! ha!! I am so jealous that you still get spring break!

  2. What a fun time! Landon cant wait to go back to the river (and his new cabin?)!

    Oh...he talked about his "Uncle" today, and I said "yeah, Uncle Bubs" and he got a shocked look on his face and said "how did you know"! These blogs pay off..ha! :)