Thursday, March 17, 2011

How to make a onesie into a dress!

Supplies needed:

1/2 yard of fabric
sewing needle

I had this onesie monogrammed for Allie Ruth when she was a baby and its still in good condition so I wasn't ready to let it go yet. The fabric is some that I got from Memaw. 

Cut the fabric at the lowest, even point of the onesie. You want to keep it as long as you can, depending on how small it is. Save the bottom scrap! 

Iron and hem your 1/2 yard of matching fabric.

Use a sewing needle and thread to gather you waist of the dress. Pin the sides together and sew to create your skirt piece. 

Say hi to the little kitty cat!

Pin and sew the skirt to the top.

Say hi to my new assistant! 

I used some of the scrap fabric to make the sleeves a little longer.

Hey little missy, Just because your dress is cute, doesn't mean you can pick the flowers!!

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