Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break 2011!

Ahhhhhh, spring break! I love spring break! Actually, I love any day that you do not have to set an alarm to get up and you get to spend it doing whatever you want with your babies!

The weekend started off with Kelly and Landon going to the river to have a guys weekend. Which meant, Allie Ruth and Mimmie, and Mom had a girls weekend! Shopping on Saturday and rearranging and cleaning house on Sunday! We surprised the boys with a new, clean family room!

On Monday is was rainy, yuck! Landon had mentioned the Children's Museum a few hundred times and asked again if we could go! When I said "yes" he gave me a big hug and said "you are the best mommy ever!" Yes, I know, son! Until I mentioned the haircut!

Landon has needed a haircut for quite a while. So this was the perfect time to squeeze it in! We go to the sweetest barber shop, Bartlett Barber Shop, very old time and super sweet to my kids!

Off to the CMOM! Since its right by Uncle Bub's house and he is home, we got him out of bed on this rainy day to join us:)

We took a little lunch break at Cafe Ole and we (meaning mom) saw were the new urban outfitters is going to be, so excited!

Back to the museum...

 A "Wizard of Oz" theme this time...

Lots of fun! What to do tomorrow...? 

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  1. How fun! That museum looks like a blast! I can't wait for the Urban Outfitters to open too!

    I agree with Landon, you're a great mom!