Sunday, April 1, 2012

Field Trip Day!

This was Landon's second field trip this year! I was not invited to the first one when they went to the zoo in the fall. I was invited to go on this one to the Children's Museum of Memphis. He was very excited! In the car on the way to school, he asked "How excited to you think I am?" I said "very excited." He replied "I am 100% excited!" sweet.

Landon loved being there with all his friends!

They started with the dinosaur exhibit and then raced around pretty quickly to the other areas!

Mimmie met us in the gift store! She let Landon pick out a toy for his perfect report card!!

And something similar to this will be making an appearance in Art Room 308!!

When we were walking out, Landon said "That was totally awesome!" 
We went to chick fil a with his good friend and had a great lunch! What a fun day!!

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