Monday, April 9, 2012

the BEST day!

We spent the first part of Easter weekend at the cabin. We had no plans of exactly what we were going to do. On Saturday, we threw around a couple of ideas. I was on my way to get a pedicure when Kelly said he was going to take the kids across the river and let them play at the beach. Whoa whoa whoa, forget a pedicure, I'm in!

I was early in the day and early in the season, so there was no one out. We had the whole beach all to ourselves. Its usually stacked up with boats, so the kids enjoyed running and running. 

And splashing and splashing! Surprisingly the water was not too cold!

Landon worked on getting a fire set up for Kelly to cook lunch.

I sat and read a book! The kids explored and dug in the sand. I know Kelly enjoyed just relaxing. Its seems like he is always working on something up there. 

We talked about how the kids are growing up too fast and how we would give anything to make time freeze. 

I made the comment that Allie Ruth's hair is surely long enough to donate now. I said "I will just die." Meaning that it will hard to let go of all her pretty hair and worried that it might make her look too big. She turned around and said "I will just die, too!" I am sure we both will live. 

The hot dogs were delish! 

Later, sweet Avery showed up to play!

It was the best day! These are the days!


  1. That does sound like the best day! I know those kiddos sure enjoyed just being with y'all and having a fun low-key day!

  2. Very nice!! I know what you guys mean about wanting to "freeze time"..